Geothermal Tour – Hot springs and mud pots


Fly over the most active volcanic area in Iceland. Get close up with hot springs and boiling mud pots!


Fly over one of the most active volcano areas in Iceland


On this sightseeing tour over Helliheiði plateau you will see moss covered lava fields stretched out to the horizon, interspersed with colorful basalt mountains, steaming hot springs and the very geothermal power plants that supply Reykjavík it’s renewable energy

With a landing off the beating track and away from the crowds to witness the regions raw energy first-hand. The landing area is of Hengill geothermal area – named after the Hengill volcano you will witness the untouched icelandic nature!

You’ll probably never been so close to hot springs and boiling mud pots, and on the way you might run into some sheeps wondering around the balley in the summer.

Note that this is not a regular tourist site, there are no safety ropes etc. – it is just how nature created it. Furthermore, no matter the season or time of year, this area always brings magical, colorful and beautiful views.

On our way back we make a scenic pass over Reykjavik, to give you a unique aerial view of Icelands capital.

Sights: Hellisheiði Plateau, Hengill Geothermal Area, Nesjavallavirkjun, Hellisheiðarvirkjun, Bláfjöll mountain range, Reykjavik City, Kristnitökuhraun Lava Field and Craters.


The total duration of the tour is 50-60 minutes.

25-35 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15 minute landing by a remote geothermal area on an old volcano.

Depending on helicopter type and weather


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